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Rebound Therapy is one of the most popular activities for children with special needs in the UK. In fact it is not only children who benefit from Rebound Therapy; it is also a highly popular activity for people of all ages with disabilities.

We, and our approved partners, provide Rebound Therapy practitioner training courses in the UK, the USA, Canada, Australia, South Africa, and in all English, French and German speaking countries.


For all information on Rebound Therapy, or to arrange a training course in the UK, please visit the main Rebound Therapy website:


To arrange a Rebound Therapy training course with one of our partners in one of the countries below, please click on the appropriate link:



South Africa


For all other countries, or If you are not able to arrange a course that is convenient through one of our partners, we will arrange a tutor from another district or country for you.

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For information on the online Rebound Therapy training course, and to book, please visit:

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